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User-generated Reviews for Research Reports and Research Firms

Research Nation is a London-based start-up that provides user-generated reviews for market research reports and market research service providers.

The problem we aim to solve is quality assessment. With most products that one buys online nowadays, one reads reviews before buying. For example, when you buy books, you read Amazon reviews before buying. When you book a hotel room, you read TripAdvisor reviews before booking.... more »
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Research Nation is a start-up that provides user generated reviews for market research reports and market research firms. We are a team of four people (1 business guy, 2 developers and 1 designer), based in London, United Kingdom, and can be reached via email at, or via telephone at +447960254756.

For more details on our team visit us at

We have not launched yet, but you can take an inside tour of our site at


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