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Virtual NeuroShopping

Inner Truth is an unconventional market research and strategy consultancy that doesn't just provide traditional research approaches but combines the old with the new and emerging.

The retail environment is under pressure - consumers/shoppers demand experiences, however shopping research in the 'real' world is often limited to pre-concept understanding or post-concept evaluations. There is no opportunity to... more »
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Inner Truth is start up (just over 12months old) market research and strategy consultancy that works with leading advertising agencies and companies across their marketing activities. We specialise in combining traditional market research techniques with cutting edge technologies and new research methodologies such brain wave monitoring and eye tracking.

Inner Truth is set up with the philosophy that no business can have the 'best' in class staff across all the business offerings. With that philosophy in mind we have an extremely strong network of 'best in class' partner organisations that work with us to provide support with our projects.

So we can honestly say we have some of the best designers, programmers, data analysts, field staff, neuroscientists, signal processors, marketers and strategists on hand to provide businesses with the best research and insights to build long term competitive advantage.

We are based in just outside the Melbourne city business district in Richmond, Victoria Australia. We can be reached via email at or by telephone ++61 3 8319 0955. For more details about the company visit


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