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Evolutionary insight for paradigm shift in consumer research

AIMgen Lab aims to introduce the methodology and tools globally to promote a paradigm shift based on evolutionary psychology, and herewith grow as a laboratory supporting market research companies around the world.

With markets developing on a global scale there is a growing need for a unified view on global consumer motivation to improve actionable insight and develop innovative 21st century strategies. Today... more »
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AIMgen Lab is a privately owned start up company for developing methods and tools for consumer motivation research based on evolutionary psychology. The methodology used is the outcome of over 15 years of scientific and commercial research. Founded in 2009 by Marie-Anne Simons and Jan Guus Waldorp, AIMgen Lab aims to present and develop new ways for gaining actionable insight in global consumer behaviour.

AIMgen Lab developed the Evolutionary Motivation Indicator Tool (EMIT), an online research and segmentation tool as the DNA and foundation for various other applications. The first application developed is E-MindSight, an online tool for measuring and analysing brand perception.

AIMgen Lab executed several pilots including the commercial validation of EMIT together with a Dutch online market research company. The results were presented at the annual ESOMAR 2011 conference in Amsterdam. The scientific validation of the methodology is subject of the doctoral thesis that Waldorp and Simons are completing at the Dutch University of Groningen. AIMgen Lab is based in The Netherlands just outside Amsterdam, P +31 20 6623566, T +31 20 662 59 51, Our website:


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