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Social Survey Tool

A unique research instrument by Aspectio Research combines two great ways to effective marketing - social network analysis and target advertiesement on social network.

Members of Facebook can be selected based on their profile information (basic demographics, region, interests, education etc.) and shown a PPC banner. There is usually a nice picture, company logo or a promotion going on for a branded product and a fun slang/motto directed to the main audience. Clicking on this banner takes the person into a Facebook application developed by Aspectio, This is a fully functional online research questionnaire with both one or multiple questions and open questions, multimedia etc. The great advantages is that 1) the respondents give their permission to access their personal information, 2) stay within the environment of Facebook, 3) take the survey when they have time and when it is convenient for them. What is crucial that you get always new people taking your polls, not run of the mill of the online panel. On the other hand, you can also create your own panel of respondents after initiating several polls - you get whole database of people and their Facebbok information.



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