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Introducing Decooda's Market Research Assistant.


Market Researchers have many sources of unstructured text to analyze: social media, enterprise communications, and verbatim responses to survey questions, to name just a few. To date, analyzing this information in order to extract meaningful insights has been tedious, time consuming and expensive.


Decooda has developed a very specific solution designed to help Market Researchers analyze verbatim survey responses automatically and in real-time. We simplify the process of coding unstructured text survey responses by breaking down surveys into questions, and their associated responses and accurately analyzing them in real-time.


Clients start by uploading their raw data file, which may include branching and skip logic questions and any related metadata. We automatically parse the file into questions and their associated responses and metadata. Next, the client can select the number of categories they want responses to be assigned, so that responses with multiple attributes can be auto-coded into multiple categories. Our 100% automated natural coding process then clusters responses into groups of related documents. These document sets can then be easily manipulated to the analysts liking by merging, renaming or deleting clusters.


Next, the analyst can run reports to see the breakdown of the auto-coding and clustering process. The reporting process is sophisticated and polished enough that the report results can be filtered by not only the auto-coding results, but the metadata that passes through the process as well. For example, if there is metadata tied to the response, including age, gender and location, the analyst can filter on any combination of the metadata fields to further refine their analysis.


Finally, the analyst can export the data into Excel, SAS or SPSS for a deeper analysis if required.


In addition…


You’re probably wondering how we handle tracker studies, or situations where pre-defined codes should be used to code and cluster responses. Well, we’ve got that covered too.


We allow analysts to dynamically apply code-frames to survey responses so all responses can be coded into the categories the analyst is most interested in monitoring. We’ve also included a process that allows analysts to create or import code-frames in order to accelerate the benefits associated with using our solution. Of course, the same reporting capabilities described above can be used for the custom code-frame process described here.


One more thing…


Where possible we then have the ability to use our text analysis capabilities to measure sentiment, emotion, context, psychological profiles and many other calculated characteristics that provide significant added value to the analysis…and we do this in seconds regardless of the scope of the analysis (as a result of our big data platform).


Decooda value proposition…


- Better insights.

- Accuracy.

- Speed.

- Operational efficiencies.

- Free up resources to add greater value to the process.


Our impact on companies and their customers…


Now that we have unlocked the value that’s traditionally been “stuck” in verbatim responses, our solution could radically change how companies survey, listen and discover more about their customers.

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DecoodaTM offers the most robust suite of products and solutions to help organizations synthesize vast amounts of market data into actionable business insights that enables them to justify investment recommendations, accurately forecast outcomes, and make intelligent investment allocation decisions - all based on facts.

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