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Promotions Rebates and Events with Quick Survey Games

Obviously promotional events with freebies being given away and surveys have been around for ages, but to integrate it with more events and sponsors and game theory is the challenge. It's not about Keeping Up With the Joneses anymore or flash mobs which is fun and dandy, but trying to get people to instantiate their own Jonesing using social media games like Foursquare teaming up promo teams and doing like a treasure hunt with real-time games like a quick ball throw, etc. Getting the community more involved by inviting local bands and points for recruiting to get rewards that aren't for the self but for a group of people like food, drinks, passes to events, etc. Combine this with a live streaming server and potential reality show/game show isn't that hard to accomplish either with iPads. This could also combine with a 'job fair' to stimulate the economy.



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