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PollBob is an iPhone app and website that provides the quickest and easiest way to gauge opinions in real time and on-the-go. Our platform allows users to create, take, discover, and share short opinion polls with friends and others on any topic of interest. Our users vary from teenagers that are curious about what their friends thought about last night's episode of Big Brother to small business owners looking for real-time feedback on their products and services. For corporations, garnering customer feedback has long been key to retaining customers and growing market share. We offer that ability to small businesses with the added ability to promote their brand and interact with potential customers online as well.


Pollbob is the first consumer-facing iPhone app that offers organizations the ability to draw conclusions and make decisions based on concrete consumer insights and trends. Pollbob offers a new twist to online surveys: polling as social media. The traditional concept of polling is relatively simple, but we’ve added social, gaming, and location layers that add a really interesting amount of data to the basic information we already collect. Pollbob is a “big data” play and we want to be in the business of turning consumer insights into actionable intelligence.


Pollbob is transforming the way opinions are shared and ushering in a new era of real time, on-the-go interaction and feedback online.



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