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Leveraging Brand Advocates for Social Media Panel Sourcing

Insightpool allows market researchers to source study participants through social media. As a brand, who would you rather hear from than those that care about your brand the most?


Instead of staring at the number of followers a brand has on Twitter, Insightpool dives into the fanbase and ranks the fans based on factors such as brand affinity, online influence and more.


Brands can go straight to those that care the most about their brand, and once the market research portion is complete, they can activate the fans into brand advocates for marketing purposes.


Best of all, Insightpool allow researchers to tap into brand new populations that are not currently participating in market research studies -- no more professional survey takers!

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Insightpool identifies brand influencers that can be activated into evangelists for market research and marketing purposes.

Ever since brands started establishing their own pages on social media channels, we can now identify all kinds of new people that share an affinity for a brand.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact Adam: Let us know how social media sampling can help you acquire the ultimate insight.


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