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Hook Book: The Little Black Book for the Digital Age

Hook Book is an app currently available for iOS specializing in Personal Relationship Management. It provides the most comprehensive platform to manage, rate, track, and message all of your romantic contacts. Instead of sitting at the bar trying to thumb through your entire contact list to find a few lucky people to text to meet up or come to the late-night party, you can find all of these contacts or "Hooks" in your Hook Book. In essence, we are taking the needle out of the haystack and bringing it right to you.


Our users vary from the serious online daters who are going on 2-4 dates per week, trying to find that special person, to the more casual dater just looking to have a good time. Any person of any sex or sexual preference can use Hook Book.


We offer statistics based on your Hook Book entries and will soon turn this data into analytical information to help people have more success in their dating lives. Also, we are about to release a "badge" system which will reward users for certain accomplishments, adding to the competitive spirit of the single life!


Hook Book is available as a FREE download through iTunes. You can visit our site at



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