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Alliance Insights Grid

This is a process solution rather than a technology solution to gain insights. It can be used to generate insights in any situation where there is a 'transfer of knowledge'. As a client said "What a simple idea and why haven’t we been doing this forever!"


Set up a grid with the quadrants described below and hand it out at the start of the meeting (particularly in debriefs). At the end of the meeting collate all the feedback, and agree on the insights. It is astounding what emerges from all corners of the room. It also acts as an active listening device.


The quadrants are:

1. Interesting. Informative, not sure if we 'do' anything from knowing this

2. Insightful. Ah huh! New, useful and clear. Will do things differently knowing this. Put into action.

3. Surprising. Doesn't fit with existing knowledge, contrary to what had been thinking.

4. What else? What's missing. What else you'd like to know now as a result of these learnings.


This is a very useful grid that can be used by anyone trying to get clearer and agreed insights from information.


If you can see how it would work, or think you might use it, you should vote for it!



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